the Government and Main Stream Media

You Trust the Government and Main Stream Media? Don’t

You Trust the Government and Main Stream Media? Don’t

Ben Franklin’s famous quote, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” is truer today than it has ever been.  In a world where mass media feeds us information daily, it is easy for a person to feel educated and informed.  But in reality what do any of us really know? Can you really trust the government and main stream media?

For the most part, what we know is what people tell us and this is usually filtered through the government and main stream media that would make old fashion Pravda proud. Make no mistake, Corporate America and our government walk hand in hand and our media is orchestrating their stroll.

Most Americans are still ignorant of the fact that 90% of all the major media organizations are owned by six major corporations.  And why should anyone care?  Because everything you see, everything you hear and if you not careful, everything you think is controlled by a corporate entity.

Do you still trust the government and main stream media? Read on.

It is amazing to think that this level of dominance is true.  How did such a complete domination between the government and main stream media become a reality?  Because our government wants it to exist.  Period.

The average American is unaware of what is happening to them and their family, and part of it is American Pride.  The deep, warm feeling you have been taught since you were a child that America is great.  The belief system that has been instilled in most of us, that only other countries oppress, stifle and lie to its citizens.

Americans love the main stream media

It is with this wide-eyed wonderment that Americans set in front of their televisions and eat up the goo that passes as the daily news and entertainment.  But deep inside, many Americans know they are being lied too. It is a quivering feeling in the subconscious that it is all a sham. This is the result of the cozy relationship between the government and main stream media.

It is why a group of television watchers have turned to comedy shows to get their news.  It is the pleasant feeling of knowing that the anchor is at least funny while telling you false news.  If we laugh, the pain of the ignorance of the real world is somehow more tolerable.

We are hit aggressively with images of war, rioting, racism, sexism and a world out of control.  The average person is stunned with an overload of images and sounds. The machine gun rhetoric is more than many people can comprehend.

This phenomenon often causes people to break into two camps.  One is based on turning off the sounds of the real world.  They love sports, reality shows and celebrity. The worry about what star is dating what star or they get lost in the emotions of fantasy sports.

The second group is determined to believe that they know what is occurring in the world.  They gleefully work for causes and spout off statistics and dogma proving what they believe is right.  All the while, they have no understanding that they have done very little research.    They have only done minimal manual study and are only parroting the beliefs of others to make themselves feel informed and connected.

In reality you should question everything.  Anything outside of your personal knowledge should be viewed with cynicism.  And understanding that the government and main stream media is not your friend is the start of a new beginning of reality.

They have no obligation to tell us the truth. They have no wish to educate and it is in their benefit that the masses stay in the dark.  Neither the media nor the government has the American people’s best interest in mind.  The sooner the masses understand this concept the sooner they have the ability to think for themselves.

And in the end, it is important to reflect on another quote from Franklin, ““It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”