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You Shouldn’t be Allowed to Vote Unless You Pay Taxes

I have more reasons not to vote than the digits on my two hands, but I do pay taxes. Big money has made politicians the whores of corporate interests (who don’t pay taxes). Electronic voting machines, which were supposed to prevent the type of scams caused by the infamous chads, are easily manipulated to change voter preferences. I know Barack Obama was wildly popular going into the 2008 election, but no one can tell me that everyone that voted in a certain Ohio precinct voted for Obama. Why should I stand next to a voter that chooses candidates not based on issues, but on how he appeared on the Late Night Show? Perhaps the biggest reason why I refuse to vote involves the members of the American population that don’t pay taxes, yet have a say in how they spend my tax dollars.

Taxes by the Numbers

According to the Tax Policy Center, 43% of Americans pay no federal income taxes. The 43% figure marks a decline from the 47% recorded in 2009. While the number of Americans who don’t pay taxes is staggering, I can make the point that the Tax Policy Center left out  a lot more non-tax paying Americans. A large number of Americans have dropped off government records, such as unemployment claims and healthcare forms. I argue that the number of Americans that don’t pay taxes, and yet vote, exceeds 50% of those dumb enough to think their votes count.

Why should people that don’t contribute to the system get to decide on the course of the system?

Why You Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote Unless You Pay Taxes

As long as an American citizen has reached the age of 18 and still breathes, he or she can walk into a voting booth and impact the course of our country. What if we changed the rules and required Americans to pay taxes before the selection of candidates? Well, Barack Obama would still be lecturing students on the multiple facets of the Constitution, although he would continue to misinterpret the document’s primary rights. After removing voters that paid no taxes, CNN reported that Barack Obama would have won only 11 states in 2012. That startling fact is more than enough reason to answer the question why you shouldn’t vote unless you pay taxes.

However, I have plenty more reasons to deny people who don’t pay taxes access to voting booths

The Vote for Candidates to Raise Taxes

Non-taxpayers have no incentive to vote out candidates that raise taxes. Why should they care? As long as non-taxpayers retain their lofty status of freeloaders, they can sock it to we the people. It makes no sense to allow Americans that don’t pay taxes to vote for or against candidates based on their tax positions. With no financial stake in the game, anyone that uses a 1040 to do nothing more than wipe you know what should stay at home and try to find ways earn enough money to pay taxes.

No Taxes Equals More Freebies

Some Americans spend entire days without having to pull out cash to make a purchase. The federal government pays for cell phone service, healthcare subsidies, and a rash of other freebies that most taxpayers pay for on their own. Why should someone who contributes nothing but takes much have a say in the political process? All that voter plans to do is vote for the candidates that give him or her the most free stuff. Meanwhile, I sit at home trying to figure out how to make ends meet, after receiving my annual get well soon card from the IRS.

Unenlightened Doesn’t Impress Me

Do all non-taxpayers stay at home and watch Jerry Springer every day? Although I haven’t found a study to confirm my theory, I’m going to go out on a limb and claim that people who don’t pay taxes have the political acumen of an ant. Even educated, tax paying Americans don’t have the political wherewithal to know where candidates stand on issues. How can we know the positions of candidates that don’t even read the bills, before they vote on the legislation? Preventing non-taxpayers from voting eliminates a large segment of voters that have no idea what they’re doing, once they pull the voting booth curtain shut.

Voting is Not a Fundamental Right

Many Americans mistakenly believe that voting represents an inalienable right. These same people want to taint the right of free speech and prevention of illegal seizures. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that every American has a right to vote. In fact, most of the Founding Fathers favored a litmus test for voting, with citizenship standing at the top of the eligibility list. The Founding Fathers had no idea that politicians would conspire to fleece the American people into paying what amounts to a slave tax. That’s right, the federal income tax is nothing more than legalized extortion that taxes wages. The problem is not everyone pays taxes and that should become mandatory for anyone that wants to vote in the United States.

According to research conducted by about half of Republicans think non-taxpayers shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Not surprising, the numbers drop significantly for independent and Democrat voters. I have to wonder one thing about the research.

How many of those polled pay taxes?