Elect Donald Trump for 2016

5 Reasons Why We Need to Elect Donald Trump for 2016

Elect Donald Trump for 2016

Born in 1946 to a real-estate developer named Fred Trump, Donald John Trump, Sr. is undoubtedly one of the biggest personalities to ever exist in the American mainstream. Vainglorious, cocksure and brash, the Donald is known to stand firmly behind what he believes and is a shrewd business tycoon whose fortune continues to grow despite the current President’s lust for other people’s wealth. For these reason, and many more, millions believe that Donald Trump would make a great American President, and he has recently announced that he will throw his hat in for the 2016 Republican nomination.

Is this a good idea? Would Trump actually make a good president? Contrary to what some may think, Trump may just be what the doctor ordered.

Why We Need to Elect Donald Trump for 2016

As an economic expert, Donald Trump knows all about insolvency, debt, the deficit, taxes, and what it would take to right America’s veering economic ship before it becomes the Titanic and sinks permanently. He’s also a brutal negotiator who manages to get his way more often than not, which means he wouldn’t be pushed around by the rest of the world, particularly ISIS and Putin.

America needs Trump for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • His business acumen can be used to actually create jobs instead of offering empty lip service
  • His business savvy will ensure that we do not continue to pile up debt
  • He’s anti progressive liberal, which means reining in abortion as birth control, huge entitlement spending, and wasted investments
  • As a leader, Trump is decisive and not wishy-washy and subject to change like the current POTUS
  • Trump is more of a traditional, religious type, which is in desperate need in America right now
  • The Donald takes what he wants and doesn’t kowtow to foreign weaklings
Why We Need to Elect Donald Trump for 2016

Now for a look at these reasons in a little more detail, to help people understand why they should be voting for Trump for 2016’s presidency.

1: He’s Conservative on the Issues

President Obama and the majority of Congress for the majority of his two terms has acted in a decidedly liberal fashion. ObamaCare, increased entitlements, gun crackdowns, a lack of strength in foreign policy, and trillions added to the debt. These are all things many feel a president with conservative values will reverse. Most dangerous of all, for many people, is this trend of religious freedoms being held in low esteem vs. the perceived “rights” of the gay community. A Trump presidency would see an end to the ridiculous mainstream culling of religious values.

2: He Can Run an Economy

Another big stain on Obama’s record that will follow him throughout history is that he doesn’t have a mind for business. He can make a speech. He can rally support. But when it comes to running an economy as a businessperson, he is woefully inept. This is a problem that Trump obviously doesn’t have. Donald Trump can actually operate an economy and bring America back from insolvency, by creating actual jobs and by expanding our worth as a world leader rather than being indebted and playing second fiddle to foreign nations.

3: He Won’t Back Down

A few years ago, Trump was taking on Scotland to build a golf course. It was just him vs. an entire country that basically wanted him gone. Trump won. He will not back down; he’s far from just a reality TV star. Trump fights for what he wants like a pit bull, whereas our current president just lays down and lets the rest of the world walk all over him. So when Putin puffs his chest out or when ISIS spreads, Trump will be there to smack down these piddly powers before they rise.

4: He Doesn’t Buy Into the Victim Mentality

America today has become a nation where you’re only entitled to make someone of yourself if you’re a victim with a hard-luck story. While it might seem like Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he’s actually fought through bankruptcy and has had to start over a couple of times. Unlike Obama, whose social justice beliefs dictate his actions that are geared toward wealth redistribution, Trump is more about wealth creation and personal drive to accumulate wealth. This is something America sorely needs.

Of all the other Republican candidates, Donald Trump is the only one who can command world respect and who has ample experience in business on a mass scale. As 2016 approaches, it becomes clearer that we need a guy like Trump in office.

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