Man playing violent video games should be banned

Violent Video Games Produce Violent Behavior in Our Nation’s Youth and Should Be Banned

Violent Video Games Produce Violent Behavior

Human beings have never really been peace-loving people. For as far back as history can be traced, there have been wars and needless killings and senseless violence. However, never before in human history have we bottled these things up to use as entertainment. With today’s graphically intense video game machines, we have made war, rape, murder and violence an everyday thing that nobody bats an eye over, and it’s wreaking havoc on the psyches of our children. Violent video games equate to violent behavior, especially in children whose brains are not fully formed yet, and they need to be stopped.

Sure, a ratings system on video games is a good thing to have, but if we’re being honest about it, a game rated MA (Mature) doesn’t stop a kid from playing it. It just stops a kid from buying it. Those games are still out there and readily available for children, and they’re doing harm in ways that most people cannot even imagine.

Why Violent Video Games Need to be Banned from Store Shelves

Let’s deal with the worst first, because that’s most important. Kids playing violent video games are completely losing their empathy. They’re being programmed to only experience joyful sensations associated with violence. They get their kicks from blowing someone’s head off in Grand Theft Auto, and they’re numb outside of that sensation. So, like a drug addict chasing a high, these children develop violent tendencies in order to create that feeling in the real world. This is a contributing factor to school shootings being on the rise, as well as teenage sex and rape, and drug use, and violence in general. It all has its roots in violent video games. Now, nobody’s saying kids were perfect angels before video games came along. We all know that’s not true. However, since violent video games have became popular, we’ve seen children committing more dangerous and violent behaviors. The correlation is so tight that to ignore the causation is to be willfully blind.

Not only are violent video games producing more violent youngsters, but the impact is more far-reaching than most can truly imagine. For example, let’s look at the way women are treated in video games. Women fall into one of a few categories. They’re either helpless victims, disposable background decorations, or sexual objects for male fantasies. This is how women are portrayed in games. You can beat and murder them with impunity. You can have your way with them. They are helpless to help themselves. And they’re thrown into video games to be fodder for male urges. This leads to young males developing sexist attitudes towards women, and this is something that can damage society for generations.

If the violence isn’t bad enough, a generation of men growing up to view women as meaningless background decoration and fantasy fodder for the male libido is a vast amount of damage that cannot be easily cleaned up.

The Side Effects of Violent Video Games

Some of you reading this might believe that things are being overblown here and that violent video games really don’t have these dire consequences. However, you’re missing the forest for the trees. Yes, art is important; free expression is important. Video games do have a place in our society. But the ultra-violent video games are little more than training tools for young people, teaching them how to be violent. Violent video games can cause a lot of damage to younger people, including but not limited to:

  • Children who play violent video games stimulate their brains with violence and thus seek to recreate that stimulation
  • Empathy is lost more readily in children who play violent video games
  • Violent video games teach children that nothing is to be valued in life save their own selfish desires
  • Children learn how to use weapons and how to fight in the most crude, violent ways imaginable
  • The true-to-life graphics take gaming today out of the fantasy realm and put violence into the real world
  • Video games can teach young boys to grow up disrespecting women and treating them as sexual objects
  • Violent games can create an addict out of youngsters, leaving them chasing that “high” associated with committing violence

Listed above are just a few of the many, many negative side effects associated with violent video games. We don’t want to create any confusion here. We are not in any way against video games. Video games can be tremendously engaging and effective teaching tools. But that knife cuts both ways, for lack of a better analogy. While they can help to teach math and science, they can also help teach sociopathic behaviors. And those behaviors are the ones that need to be nipped in the bud, and this can only be accomplished by pulling those violent games off the shelves.


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