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Vegans are The Healthiest People and Why The Paleo Diet is the Worst Diet Ever

Vegans are the healthiest people and the Paleo Diet is the worst diet ever. Countless people are misguided by this Paleo Diet.

Every year, a food trend emerges that one of the so-called celebrity chefs begins to pimp on the Food Network. The diet is so far out there that the celebrity chef in question has a difficult time maintaining an even demeanor, as he or she flutters the eyelids with dollar signs. Celebrity chefs have no qualms pumping the latest fad that ensnares the gullible people that worship their status in the culinary world.

The Paleo diet is a prime example of a diet that’s not only terrible, but also in line to be the worst diet ever endorsed by celebrity chefs, especially the wayward Bobby Flay.

The Paleo Diet is Based on a Diet Consumed by Cave Dwellers

The Paleo diet derives from the hunter and gatherer caveman that dwelled on the Earth between 10,000 and 2.5 million years ago. Named after the Paleolithic period of human history, the Paleo diet encourages the consumption of what the cave dwellers had at their culinary disposal, mostly nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and whole meat. By whole meat, I mean the entire pig and cow (Huffington Post). The Paleo diet obviously excludes processed foods, such as Kraft macaroni and cheese, which is a shame, since Kraft mac and cheese culminates an all night bender in style. Yes, I know processed foods are bad for me, because I want a good look at the guy processing my mac and cheese. However, simply shunning processed foods doesn’t make a viable diet, especially one devoid of grains and legumes, and full of heart clogging meats.

The Worst Diet Ever Excludes Healthy Grains and Legumes

Cutting grains and legumes from any diet makes as much sense as getting into a car driven by Lindsay Lohan. Whole grains and legumes contain high levels of healthy fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Devoid of sugar, legumes and whole grains provide a dietary balance to many of the other foods listed under the Paleo diet. Proponents of the Paleo diet insist on avoiding legumes because of the high levels of anti-nutrients, such as phyates and lectins. Well, that myth doesn’t apply to beans, which should comprise part of any healthy diet. You see, the Paleo mantra against legumes and whole grains has about as much credence as Dr. Phil dispensing marriage advice.

The Righteous Vegan Diet Eschews Red Meat

With the inclusion of red meat in its dietary list of foods, the Paleo diet immediately becomes suspect for promoting personal health. Some studies suggest eating red meat and cheese is as bad for me as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day (University of Southern California). Science has proven the negative health consequences of making red meat an integral part of any diet. Moreover, if I am supposed to follow a diet that emerges from a time change that traveled from the Paleolithic era, does that mean I must follow the sanitary practices of the geniuses that lived during the not so sanitary period of human history? Sorry, Paleo lovers, but red meat-especially red meat consumed in its entirety-is about as healthy as wrapping my mouth around a vehicle exhaust pipe.

It’s No Surprise Vegans are the Healthiest People

Unlike the Paleo diet, the vegan diet excludes anything that has to do with red meat. By following a strict vegan diet, I lower my intake of saturated fats. My heart thanks me for not having to work as hard as a heart that pumps red meat generated saturated fats throughout the body. With the vegan diet, you never hear ridiculous food terms such as “Hearty,” as in “Breakfast is hearty” or “Soup is hearty.” Whenever I hear the word hearty, I look at the label of the processed can of soup and think, “hmm, 300 grams of saturated fat; hearty as in HEART ATTACK.”

The vegan diet is replete with healthy carbohydrates, fiber, and a host of minerals that include magnesium and potassium. Folate accelerates red and white cell regeneration, while vitamin C bolsters the immune system. Instead of ingesting pharmaceutical company developed artificial vitamins, vegans consume an abundance of fruits and vegetables that contain a wide variety of natural vitamins. Vegans also reap the health benefits of antioxidants, which growing evidence indicates thwarts the growth of cancerous cells.

Stop The Paleo Madness

The Paleo diet is another in a long list of diet fads that should run its course within a year. Sure, cave dwellers had no other choice but to kill and eat entire animals, including the carcasses, or did they? After all, cave dwellers had an endless supply of fruits and vegetable to consume. So, why did they mix in a little blood soaked red meat into their diets? Well, the answer lies in the minute size of their brains. Without critical thinking skills, Paleolithic humans ate anything that crawled on four legs. In other words, cave dwellers never developed the menial capacity to understand that eating red meat is unhealthy.

Kind of like the fools that follow the contemporary Paleo diet.