United Airlines Offers 9600 Dollars

United Airlines gives $9,600 to a passenger who volunteered to get off an overcrowded plane

Everybody has a price. Apparently United Airline should have paid upped the price until someone took them up on their offer. Imagine the headline if they did:

“United Airlines gives $9,600 to a passenger who volunteered to get off an overcrowded plane.”

Imagine the publicity that would have garnered. Positive publicity, that is. Imagine the amount of people who would have flocked to get on an United Airlines airplane. We can only imagine, because United Airlines only offered up to $800 before deciding to enact a policy that had only been reserved for Nazi Germany.

But now they have a public relations disaster on their hands, with the CEO defending those totalitarian actions. It’s inconceivable that the police, whom are supported by tax payers, would participate in this act.

Treat people right and you will have thriving business. There is no doubt to that.

The video is quite disturbing. They should have handled it in a better way.

I’m surprised no one took them up on their offer of $800. With the state of the economy and people’s financial situation, you would think $800 would mean a lot to someone. But I guess apparently not. I find this rather kind of sad.

The policy of removing passengers because they (United Airlines et al) overbooked their flight is unconscionable. Imagine if that policy were in place for every product or service you purchased. You get your TV at home, hooked up and ready to watch, and then comes Best Buy to reclaim it because they need to sell it to someone else. We wouldn’t stand for it. So why do we put up with this shit?  I don’t know.

Back to the theme of this post. The fallout from this public relations disaster will probably cost the airlines millions of dollars. And all the had to do is up the ante on their offer. But they didn’t. Like I said a better headline for United Airlines would have been:

“United Airlines Gives $9,600 to a passenger who volunteered to get off an overcrowded plane.”

I think the policy the airline should have is: “No refunds and no one gets kicked off the flight.”

United Airlines claims the passenger was being disruptive—probably because he was being asked to leave. The other passengers seemed pretty upset that this man was being removed in the way that he was.  Had he really been disruptive, they would have cheered—as has been done in the past. I believe there was a first class passenger who was drunk and shitting on the drink cart who was removed with other passengers applauding.

The bottom line is United Airlines would have saved themselves millions of dollars if they offered more money to volunteers.