Top Five Reasons Why Blacks Should Embrace President-Elect Donald Trump

  1. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Donald Trump will make it his mission to build up our economy, which improve the lives of ALL people—including African Americans and European Americans alike. Believe it or not your lives will be improved when the whole economy improves. No infrastructure means more demand for jobs. More roads means more McDonald’s which means MORE JOBS.

  1. Donald Trump Will Curb Immigration.

Where do immigrants take most of the jobs? Most non-white collars jobs. These are the same jobs that blacks compete for. Imagine if Hillary Clinton was elected and she opened the flood gates on immigration. Don’t you think those immigrants will take YOUR jobs? Be sure that they will. Blacks should have been more fearful of Clinton’s proposal to bring in more immigrants—because they will take your jobs.

And don’t think immigrants are on the same side as you. They’re not. They might vote Democrat just like you, but they’re not your friends. Do you think a flood of Muslims coming into this country is going to help you one bit. Not likely. They don’t like your neighborhoods, your music, your lifestyle and so on—and they really want to take YOUR JOB.

  1. Donald Trump Will Reduce Entitlements.

Having a meaningful job is the greatest gift a man and a woman can have. Do you really want hand-outs for the rest of your life? Sure, working for the MAN sucks and nobody really wants to do it. But at the end of the day that job the MAN gave us gives us a sense of pride. Entitlements from the government only make you more dependent on the government and really doesn’t make you a FREE PERSON. Do you really want that? If you do, I feel sorry for you, man.

  1. Donald Trump Will Eliminate Obamacare And Will Free Blacks From Healthcare Tyranny.

Believe it or not, Obamacare has hurt the blacks the most. Anyone who’s had to renew their healthcare insurance knows that bills have gone up hundreds and thousands of dollars. If it hasn’t, please voice your opinion in the comments section of this article. Black people have been seriously hurt—not helped—by Obamacare, and Donald Trump will fix it so that all African American, European Americans and any other (fill in description here) Americans can afford decent healthcare in this country.

  1. No More Obama

No American president has done less to further black’s economic well-being and overall livelihoods than President Barack Obama. There is violence in the streets, more drugs in the poor black neighborhoods, less opportunities for education and so on. The list is far too long to put here. Obama and his ilk have had 8 years to further black people’s lives and he has nothing of the sort—except make them angry at the world.

In sum: If you want to go out in the streets and cry like a baby, that’s your prerogative. But if you want to be happy and hopeful, then look at the bright side of the Donald Trump election. There are more reasons than just five for blacks to be hopeful about this election, and they should embrace Donald Trump.

P.S. Be good to yourself and your fellow man.