Donald Trump

Those Who Ignore History Are Doomed to Repeat It

Dear Citizens of America,

Imagine that we not fought a foreign power, but that we fought among ourselves. You say it couldn’t happen. It did happen. We call it the Civil War.

Imagine having our fundamental American rights taken away. You say it couldn’t happen. It happened, and it was called Prohibition.

Imagine having your most basic right to protect yourself taken away. They (the left) say it’s not their intention, and it couldn’t happened in this country.

After an incident in Australia, all the guns were collected (confiscated) from ordinary law, abiding citizens. Now, only criminals are allowed to have guns in Australia.

If a freely democratic nation like Australia can take away all the guns in a blink of an eye, you can bet it can happen here in the United States.

You believe we could never go so broke that a huge population of able bodied citizens would be living on the streets. It could and did happen—and you know this as the Great Depression.

You say these things couldn’t happen in the United States. But they did happen…the Civil War, Prohibition, the Great Depression.

But you say that was then and this is now; we’ve learned so much over the years.

Have we?

Edward Snowden revealed that the U.S. government was spying on ordinary citizens. What a world we are living in: You call your Aunt Bess in Topeka regarding sundresses and laundry, and the United States government is listening in on your conversation!

The phone companies—some of the biggest and near monopolistic companies in the U.S—were complicit in this spy game.

The U.S. government handed over—by threat of the big banks that were “too big to fail”—700 billion dollars of your money to bankers who flew into Washington on private million dollar jets. Your money.

These bankers gambled your money because of your greed to live beyond your means, and they covered their bets by duping insurance companies into covering their bets.

I know you may not want to believe all this but our government is completely out of control and maniacally reckless.

This is why we need someone outside of the Washington establishment to make things right again. We need someone who will shake things up and break apart the established bureaucrats.

We need someone who is unapologetic.

We need a stick of dynamite to really change things.

Donald Trump is that candidate, and you won’t ever get this chance ever again for as long as you are  alive. This is a once in a life time chance to shake things up. To really change things.

Don’t blow this opportunity you have before you.


Donald J. Trump

P.S. I’m gonna grab America by the pussy.