The Most Annoying Article You Will Ever Read

I could of done things differently, but I chose not to. If I ever loose in a situation like this, I will be bummed. I wished that they could of done things differently, but there too stupid to know there place. Ugh, I’m so bummed, but life goes on, and I will loose another day. Write now, my Microsoft Word is having a conniption. Not my fault, I say. That’s how people want they’re blogs written. Sue me. Or Betty Sue me. I don’t care. I just wished I could of helped them with they’re time, but they’re wasn’t enough time in the day.

They said that I should of done this, and I could of done that, but I wouldn’t of done any of it. Jeez. Nothing annoys me more then people who don’t know when to loose control. Theres to much time on my hands. Anyways, I digest. Its not you, its me. For all intensive purposes, this article is the best, and everyone else sucks. Irregardless of what people think, I can some up in one sentence that I’m smart. And their wrong. Ugh! Okay, two sentences. Jeez.