Susan G. Komen is a Total Farce and the Pink Ribbons Should Be Banned

On my way home from work, I passed by an oil truck (Standard Oil to be exact) that was painted pink with a pink ribbon on it. Really? Standard Oil is now behind breast cancer?

This Susan G. Komen has really gotten out of hand. I realized they jumped-the-shark when I saw their logo on M&M’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Really? I think those two food items probably contribute greatly to the prevalence to cancer in our society—not the other way around.

It’s interesting and a reflection on the company that the previous, CEO, Hala Moddelmog was part of Church’s Chicken and Arby’s Restaurant group before and after she was the CEO of Susan G. Komen Foundation. It’s interesting because fatty foods soaked in oil have a strong link to cancer. How could someone who peddles cancer-causing fast food be an advocate for curing cancer? Oh, wait, she wasn’t since during her tenure, Susan G. Komen peddled their trademark on everything from M&M’s to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Putting pink ribbon on packages of fried chicken and M&M’s is a kin to putting the black ribbon (my new cause for obesity) on Fried Chicken and M&M’s. Or better yet, putting children’s faces on guns.

It’s ludicrous that well respected organizations (like the NFL) have fallen victim to this scam

On breast cancer itself: the sad truth is that pre-emptive screenings can actually do more harm than good.

If you think the Susan G. Komen Foundation is a total farce and harmful to women everywhere, speak your voice loud and clear in the comments below.