Donald Trump is Running for President

Donald Trump is Running for President, and He Will Make America Great Again

Donald Trump is running for President, and he will make America great again, but some people don’t seem to think so. Recently, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC reported that Donald Trump had paid actors at his presidential candidacy launch. Why would anyone need to hire actors to a launch? Rachel Maddow says on her news cast that it was weird to have pedestrians flagged down to attend an event. What’s so weird about that? That’s called marketing. It happens all the time. I’ve been in bars where local candidates that are running for mayor or some other local office shaking everyone’s hand. It’s called campaigning. All the candidates do it. Donald Trump is running for president, so why can’t he campaign like he’s running for office? This is what makes America great, but Rachel Maddow doesn’t seem to think so. Even if it wasn’t an “ordinary thing” for a presidential launch, so what? That’s what we need. We need someone who is willing to do something different. Not the same old song and dance like every other politician

Donald Trump Has Never Ran for President or Any Other Office

People say that he’s never run for any other office. Well look what we got from a community organizer. People may say that I like the idea of having a “business man” in office, so that’s why I support that Donald Trump is running for president. I wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump just because he’s a business man, which is exactly why Barack Obama was elected. We all know that people in America, especially the media, liked the idea of having a “black president.” The problem is that once we adopted that idea of a “black president,” we put blinders on and didn’t look at any other candidate. I like Trump for what he says, not for what he does or he is (e.g. a wealthy business man). You should to.

The New York Times decries that he is a rich media mogul. So what? Rich people can’t run for office or had never held an office? It’s better than what we have with the Clintons, who seemed to have only used the offices of government for their own personal riches.

Donald Trump is running for president and will make America Great Again. You can bet on it.

He has always championed for America, unlike some celebrities who threaten to leave America if they don’t get their way. (Leave already, Mr. Baldwin). The only way he won’t win is if too much foreign money gets into the hands of his opponents (ahem, Clinton).

The Huffington Post writes that Donald Trump only managed to make a rambling speech. What was so rambling about it? Tell me.

Trump is smart because when he says that a job is the greatest social program. It’s true. Look, we tried it the other way—that is writing checks to people just for the hell of it. In this internet driven technological age, any moron pr invalid can do some kind of job. There is no handicap that is too great to keep someone from working. The Huffington Post also remarked that he entered the stage via escalator and said how unusual it was. So what? Who cares how Trump enters the room. An escalator is a grand gesture. That’s what we need; not some smug apologist.Donald Trump is running for President of the United States of America, not the president of Romper Room.

The mainstream media is all over his case because he bragged about his golf courses, and how much his net-worth is. Who cares? If you got it, flaunt it. It’s better than being apologetic like Obama has been doing for the past six years. We need someone who is braggadocious, someone who is proud of America and it admits it, and someone who is unapologetic about who he is and what America is. If Donald Trump is running for President, you can be sure we live in a great country.

A snapshot of why Donald Trump Should Run for President and How He’ll Make America Great Again

  • He’s different
  • He’s outspoken
  • He’s got hair like no other
  • He’s strong on the economy
  • He’s has strong international presence and experience
  • He’s got $8 Billion, so he doesn’t need the office for money, unlike some well-known community organizer
  • He loves America, unlike some well-known community organizer
  • He tells the truth about the real unemployment rate (18-20%)
  • He tells the truth about our dismal situation with China

The bottom line is if you are tired of the same old tired politics and want something new, support the fact that Donald Trump is running for President of the United States. We’re all going in the shitter anyway, so we might as well go down fighting.

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