7 Otherworldly Reasons Why UFO’s Don’t Exist

  1. Aliens look vaguely familiar.

Why is it aliens look coincidentally like humans when there are millions upon millions of species on our planet that do not look anything like us?  We evolved from ape like creatures (sorry creationists; don’t get me started). Would if we evolved from dog like creatures? Would aliens come from far away and sniff our butts instead of probing us with needles?  We only have been around for the past 100,000 years.  How come aliens don’t look like a T-Rex, which had a reign of millions of years?

  1. Solo abductions are all too common

How come no one gets abducted together with someone else, kind of like a group abduction—ACORN would be my choice. Nearly all abduction stories involve ONLY one person.

  1. Alien spacecraft lack aerodynamics

A round circular aircraft is the most inefficient designs to fly on our space.  Ask the US government. They’ve tried to create many “flying saucers,” but to no avail. If you see a flying saucer, you’re narrow minded. Try coming up with something different like a triangle or a more aerodynamic craft. Just because a space craft can be any shape in space doesn’t mean it will fly in Earth’s atmosphere.

  1. Aliens are all too kind

How come no one gets abducted from one place and then put somewhere else?  They always seem to get put back in their bed—all tucked in like their grandma would do.
Where do these UFO’s land when they pick up their abductees?  I haven’t heard too many reports from New York City but there us an awful lot of reports from near airports.  Mmm?
I think abductees should be subjected to anal probes (from us) just to make sure that they were abducted

  1. Devotees misunderstood where the “flying saucer” came from

The term Flying Saucer came from a man who described a scenario in which saucers where skipping on the water and looked like saucers skipping on the water.  He didn’t say they looked like saucers.  Things got all mixed up

  1. The government is hiding something; therefore, aliens MUST exist

Why would the government hide this from us?  Don’t you think they would put all of their (our) resources into finding aliens instead of messing around with the stupid Russians or fighting a war in Iraq?  They just recently cut the budget for the SETI program.  So, the government really knows about Alien and UFO’s but they cut the budget to find them and make contact.  OK, bud.


  1. Lack of physical evidence is astounding
    How come there is no physical evidence other than someone’s wild imagination?

There is practically no real physical evidence of an alien aircraft landing in this country or any other. The only evidence could easily be refuted as being something else.